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ENJOY BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS OF BIRDS !!!     from an exceptional connoisseur of birds in nature and aviculture, a prominent breeder and an excellent photographer mr Luic Leducq. I thank him for the provided photos that beautified my website and created an extremely pleasant atmosphere for you, website visitors! Also, I would like to thank him for providing to me beautiful photos of quality exhibition specimens of zebra finches for my books ZEBRA FINCH – standards and judging – in English and Serbian


I would like to inform you, that this and the next copy of AVI KULA will be given completely free of charge to all individual members of Serbian Ornithological Federation who have paid the membership fee for 2019 and 2020. The only condition is to contact me the official e-mail address: exoticbirds.kulic@gmail.com.
In this way, they will become members of the international group EXOTIC BIRDS – KULIC together with another 500 members from Republic of Serbia and Balkans and 1000 around the world, abroad who will be the first to contact me. THIS IS THE CURRENT SITUATION – CURRENT NUMBER, WE HOPE FOR A MUCH MORE MEMBERS!
As members of this international group, which is already numerous, in addition to free copies of the digital magazine “Avi Kula” you will be able to enjoy numerous professional articles and informative texts published on this my website intended for site visitors. Also, you will be able to receive COM / OMJ Standards for various bird species with expert comments, get answers to all questions, read the most interesting and frequently asked questions and experiences of other members of the Group, to participate in interesting planned and similar activities.